Compression Sleeves and Their Benefits

Compression sleeves have many different uses and are worn for a variety of reasons, these sleeves are tight fitting garments that are typically worn on the arms or legs. They are used in conjunction to medical conditions to reduce pain and swelling. They are also used to limit movement, this will help the patient so they do not further aggravate the condition. Compression sleeves are worn during exercise so that it will support muscles and certain ligaments so that they can heal. We will discuss some of the uses and medical benefits of compression sleeves in this article.

One of the most well know uses of copper knee sleeves is to help with the swelling that is caused by Lymphedema. Lymphedema results in an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the arms, this is common in people that have previously undergone treatments and surgeries for breast cancer. Cancerous cells will attack the lymph nodes in the armpit, as a result of this doctors will typically cut the tissue so that it can be tested. When this occurs the nodes become damaged and impaired, which results in the lymphatic fluids not being drained properly.

After surgeries, a doctor will typically recommend compression sleeves to help with discomfort and swelling. They are also used for people with severe tendinitis or arthritis when moving can cause pain. The sleeves hold the muscles and joints tight so that they stay warm and alleviate pain caused by movement.

After people exercise, many will experience muscle inflammation and some soreness. People have begun to wear compression sleeves during exercise to reduce these issues. People will wear them during and after exercise to help with soreness. Another larger benefit that has been found for these compression sleeves is that they will squeeze the muscles and will force the blood back to the heart quicker so that it can get re-oxygenated faster. These sleeves are believed to increase performance, this is especially the case for strenuous activity. You may read further about copper compression wear at

We need to state that there is no evidence to how much a compression sleeve will help an athletic performance, however, there is not question that these copper compression sleeve will help reduce swelling and muscle pain. There is also no doubt that they benefit certain medical conditions, not just related to exercise. Tendon and joint inflammation are helped by compression as is build up of lymphatic fluid that we discussed earlier. If you suffer from swelling or joint and tendon pain then you should consider using compression sleeves.